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content management:

JiT Publisher Web Studio is a dynamic content management solution.

In simple terms JiT Publisher enables anyone with authoring rights the ability to change the content of the website. The website owner is able to add, remove, edit pages, insert pictures and documents and change the websites navigation from anywhere in the world using an industry standard internet browser.

Our website design team can make your website as advanced or as simple as you require. Once the initial design is complete the content and navigation of the website is totally customisable by you the site owner. For more information on some of the modules that are standard with our content management solution, Please visit our Jit Modules page.

Key Benefits

  • JiT Publisher Web Studio is developed and owned by First Technology which enables us to make design changes to incorporate new customised modules.
  • It gives our customer complete control of their website content including the adding of navigation buttons and site images.
  • The site owner can maintain the website, online, from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.
  • Secure Zone allows customers to enable specific users to access secure pages within their website by logging in with a username and password.
  • Sub editor passwords allow the administrator to delegate the responsibility of editing specific pages to others.
  • Ability to add a navigation button to the menu and by placing the page on hold, the editor can complete the content editing before making it availble to the internet.
  • Future dated news articles and events that can be published and expired from the site automatically
  • Ability to create links to other pages and websites.

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